Monday, June 29, 2009

Crochet cupcakes to share!

Cupcakes 81-85
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Something crocheted to share - a new batch of cupcakes incorporating some new textured yarns, and a brainstorm of adding embellishments - I have a ton of reclaimed buttons and things saved from the trash at work, why hadn't I thought to share them with my cupcakes sooner?

On the worktable are another batch brewing (cooking? baking?) that includes some gifts - I'll be sure to share them when they are ready!

The ones pictures are all currently available (at the time of posting, no fair being sad if you stop by and see this in three months) in my Etsy shop for adoption!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cupcakes, kitchen adventures, and something new!

The piping bag...
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The piping bag, he and I are once again friends.

We didn't speak for a long time.

It was over a silly incident where I tried to pipe out deviled egg filling that included chopped black olives. Many swears were shared. The eggs eventually turned out tasting great, but were not too pretty.

These cupcakes were made in belated birthday celebration for saibotjr. I was so pleased with the ease and simplicity of piping the icing on, I had to share.

And welcome to my new blog! I hope to share all the fun projects that come together around here, hopefully even with pictures!