Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Special Custom Order

A Special Custom Order
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A little about the latest custom order in the Etsy shop...

314- My frosting is is made with a fun novelty yarn called Raspberry Mutli and a Bright Red, and my base is a Dark Orchid colored yarn.

315 - My frosting is is made with a fun novelty yarn called Sea Green Multi and Slate, White, and Teal yarns! My base is made with a Kelly Green yarn.

343 - My frosting top is made with a light pink mixes with a teeny shiny pink yarn, and my base is a sweet minty green along with Snow Shimmer.

344 - My frosting is a sweet mint green and Snow Shimmer, with Snow Shimmer edging, a cute pink heart accent, and a light pink base.

345 - My top is a minty green with Snow Shimmer edging, shiny beads to look like a candy flower, and a light pink base.

346 - A frosting top of Petal Pink is accented by two teeny heart buttons in mint and red. I have a creamy vanilla colored edging, and a mint green base.

347 - I'm in the holiday spirit! WIth a frosting top of shiny red and Snow Shimmer, I sport a reclaimed snowflake embellishment all over a base of Snow Shimmer.

348 - Cute as a button! I have a frosting top of an array of pastel colors, with cute and teeny buttons as embellishments, all over a base of shiny light blue.

349 - My frosting top is made with a rainbow of colors - orange, yellow, kelly green, blue-blue , amethyst purple, red edging; all over a base of creamy vanilla.

350 - RAWR! My frosting top is a medium teal with a shiny thread addition, over a medium purple with a special face style.

351 - RAWR! I sport a bright orange cherry, dark purple frosting with black edging mixed with a shimmery silver, and a bright green base with a special Halloweenie smile!

352 - RAWR! I have a lilac shade of frosting with tiny specks of glitter added, all over a pastel yellow base with a special monster smile.

353 - I have a frosting top made with a group of pastel colors; green blue, purple, white, with white edging, all over a base of a Ombre Pink. I also have clear shiny beads to look like candy sprinkles.

354 - My frosting is a mix of sweet mint and an array of pastel shades, over a base of creamy vanilla mixed with some sparkle.

355 - My frosting top is made with a rainbow of pastel colors - orange, yellow, mint, blue, lilac, with Snow Shimmer edging; all over a base of light blue mixed with a shimmery thread.

356 - My frosting is made with a shade of yarn called Orchard Mist, with teeny floral embellishments, all over a lilac base.

357 - My frosting top is made with Raspberry Multi and Candy Print, over a teal base mixed with a thread of shimmer!


Added a new tag/label today, Cupcakes by the Number. This tag will be for my crochet Cupcake Plush! I was able to quickly add it to some previous posts too; the intent is for it to be part of my Cupcake Plush Catalog, so you can see ideas of previously created Cupcake Plush!

Where have you been?

"Where have you been?"

Okay so it is only me pretending that the internet asks, but I am here! HER AM I I AM HERE INTERNETS.

I just finished up an 8-week accelerated online course, and today I went to my first craft show as a vendor. I have been trying to manage my time between work, homework, and prepping product for the fair, so taking time to blog has fallen a bit farther down the list than usual...


But! There are plans! Plans to share! I have cooking adventures (like juicing coming and going) and recipes I tried (OMG FAIL) and plenty of Recipe Roundup links to share from last month, and HOLY CRAP IT IS NEARLY NOVEMBER?

I just wanted to drop by and leave a little note to say hello to my blog. HI BLOGGY!

The first step of my current online plan is to get new inventory into the shop since it was a successful day, and I took my Etsy (non-reserved) inventory along! I want to make a cute mosaic of who went off to new homes today, cupcakes and other plush (providing I took pictures!)