Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where have you been?

"Where have you been?"

Okay so it is only me pretending that the internet asks, but I am here! HER AM I I AM HERE INTERNETS.

I just finished up an 8-week accelerated online course, and today I went to my first craft show as a vendor. I have been trying to manage my time between work, homework, and prepping product for the fair, so taking time to blog has fallen a bit farther down the list than usual...


But! There are plans! Plans to share! I have cooking adventures (like juicing coming and going) and recipes I tried (OMG FAIL) and plenty of Recipe Roundup links to share from last month, and HOLY CRAP IT IS NEARLY NOVEMBER?

I just wanted to drop by and leave a little note to say hello to my blog. HI BLOGGY!

The first step of my current online plan is to get new inventory into the shop since it was a successful day, and I took my Etsy (non-reserved) inventory along! I want to make a cute mosaic of who went off to new homes today, cupcakes and other plush (providing I took pictures!)

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