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August Recipe Roundup

August Recipe Roundup, some to consider, some tried!

First up the recipes I've collected throughout the month:

Strawberry Lemonade Cookies  Back For Seconds

Yummiest Zucchini Muffin Recipe  Dollar Store Mom

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles   Pennies on a Platter

Banana, Walnut & Chocolate Cookie Cake   Joy the Baker

Jello Cookies   I Heart Nap Time

My Favorite Brownies  Smitten Kitchen 

Hash Brown Waffles  Tea & Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars  Greta White via The Girl Who Ate Everything

Double Chocolate Cherry Muffins  Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Bacon Corn Hash  Smitten Kitchen

A few months ago I mentioned wanting a Bundt Cake pan....well I got one, from a thrift store on the first try! We dropped some donations off and browsed a bit, finding some treasures!

Wow, NordicWare and everything? At $4.99 I was thrilled. Now comparing it to new it may not have been the amazing deal I thought it was, but still a great deal for being pristine on the inside, and in my hands.

The next night, I tried it for the first time...

BUNDT PAN SUCCESS! I made a banana apple bread as my first bundt experiment (based on this Smitten Kitchen recipe, adding a chopped apple). Yum. My mom gave me a box of steel cut oats, and I added some; a little too crunchy (maybe I should cook them before adding next time?)

Next Bundt experiment...l
ater in the week was my second try - 3 bananas, 1 apple, and measured less even that last time (A little throw-and-go? Why do I pretend I know what I am doing?) added more flour in the end and baking soda to even out (?) the extra flour, which I added since it was very wet, and the last one ended up with a wet bottom (top, since it was flipped). Rather than trying to use paper towels and plastic wrap to get the brown sugar happier, I added water; Wow look a hot slurry from the microwave! Why did the surprise me? I dumped it in anyway. With the same measuring cup, I added the steel-cut oats and water and back into the microwave, they were a little -too- crunchy last time for my taste. It helped a lot, and the leftover brown sugar slurry sweetened them enough that I was eating the rest out of the measuring cup. I added some regular oats as well - tossing in a handful. I was successful in making a drier bread, but may have overcooked it at 40 minutes at 350 - powdered sugar and a bit of water made a topping that I practiced making a pretty pattern.

For my third Bundt experiment, wait, this has a whole other story! Since I'm not the most consistent blogger, I'll start a new post to share, and try to get some more content up here. ^^

What recipes have you tried recently? 

Are there recipes out there that you would love to make?

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