Thursday, November 3, 2011

How do you organize your eyes?

How do you organize your eyes?
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...and noses and bells and hearts? Oh my...

Case my sister was going to pitch it full of beads...I snatched it up! I dumped the plastic beads into a baggie... bet they will be useful for cupcakes and other crochet embellishments someday! :)

What happened to your CAL?!

Remember by Crochet-a-long plans? The one by Megan of Crochet Every Day – with a theme of “sweet”? And how I was all like “Oh and I’ll add in another pattern from Gleeful Things”?

Yeah. I totally made stuff, but the sharing part? Didn’t quite happen before Halloween! Eep! We went away and somehow I thought I would be all slick and post from the hotel – yeah, uum well the internet that was available was not what I expected, so the time I spent on the laptop was for a work project and I didn’t get as far along as I thought I would.


Upon returning home, we had no power. BUT. But but but we did have the ability to use out hot water heater and stove – YAY NATURAL GAS. So warm showers by candlelight and many blankets at night. Went a few days like that, and the rest of the week has been a blur even with power back on. What the heck?


I had started out right away after my previous post, completing one of each pattern in the same night (or two, see what happens when you don’t at least start a blog post about a project while you work on it?) The candy corn on the left is from the Lion Brand pattern, with some changes to make it have a rounded base;

Rd 15 4sc, dec, repeat;
Rd 16 3sc, dec, repeat;
Rd 17 2sc, dec, repeat;
Rd 18, dec around;
FO - Fasten off

(I like how FO to me is like FINISH OFF – which doesn’t even make any sense, except when you grew up with Mortal Kombat and somehow it also associates to the voice saying FINISH HIM, except in this case it is candy corn. FINISH HIM! *quickly pulls yarn to cinch the last row*)

“Look at me!” “I have a crazy-but-cute smile!”

The pink candy corn uses Julie's pattern, and actually reflects my initial thoughts when looking at my yarn stash. I added 6mm safety eyes, and should have sewn on the smile before starting the decrease rows, would have been much easier.


Next up was another in a Harvest Candy Corn theme, again using the Lion Brand pattern, altered. Hard to tell in the picture, but I wanted more of a flat base, so I started color three one row sooner than pattern suggested, created base lip by crocheting in the back loop the row before the decrease…then sc 3, dec for a row, then went right to sc ,1 dec for two rows to make a flatter base. Then I realized that type of candy corn usually has orange in the center. Whoops.


Now what? GIANT CANDY CORN. Julie’s pattern with double strands of yarn, moved the color changes up one row for both colors. 12mm safety eyes. Then left him on the floor and cried about my candy corn being lonely on the floor. Hopefully you laugh, because I took like 12 pictures of the scene, trying to look like some far away scary sneaky thing since the whole ‘candy-on-the-floor’ thing wasn’t being conveyed in the photos. Candy Corn with Jaws music, slowly creeping across the room. That would make an awesome animated GIF. No? Then do what I did and call someone in to make them laugh.


I tried to be all artistic and create a little diorama of the ones that matched (poor pinky corn looked out of place) but I think now it just looks like a haphazard picture. Oh and when I realized the Harvest Corn was the wrong color, I also realized the Pink Corn was color-silly, and I should have made the bottom red for Valentine Corn. Doh!

So TADAAAAaaa I wrote a post – which is something I really want to do more often. I have been reading lately about managing one’s time and reviewing where your time goes and so on, and while I have myself down to one game on Facebook, I think that is a real time sucker for me. OH BUT WAIT I did make a Facebook Page for my Etsy shop, so that's something positive to do with my Facebook time.
Thanks for the reminder to write this post Megan! See I literally got right on it! At least one thing I wanted to do this past week got done, now back to cleaning. Hooray for electricity! :)