Monday, October 24, 2011

no. 197 - 199

no. 197 - 199
The newest to be listed on Etsy!
197 - My frosting top is made with a deep mix of colors look like shades of berries, and my cake base is a mint green.
198 - My frosting top is made with a mix of a light mint with streams of purple, while, and yellow, with lighter edging, and a bright yellow cake base.
199 - My frosting top is made with a mix of cream and a shimmery raspberry, with that same pink edging, and my cake base is a chocolate brown. Instead on a cherry, I sport a raspberry as my topper in the same shade as the pink as my frosting, just without the sparklies.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


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Found a use for the coffee decanter I've been saving for years that no plant would ever fit in...I told the other half to not let me buy any more Sharpies.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Crochet Along

Hooray for my next Crochet-a-long! This is another CAL hosted by Megan of Crochet Every Day – with a theme of “sweet”!

I am going lazy and using my stock yarn shelf photo, focusing on the pinks…

yarn shelf

I plan to make pink candy corn! Cute idea, right? Maybe purple too ;)

Now I didn’t take a new photo (wow this one is almost a year old!) because my yarn shelf is looking a little sad – but it is okay, it means I am using the yarn! I bought a yarn ball winder on eBay (because I am wayyyyy too cheap to spend what retailers are asking) and I hope to have it here next week. Why? I want pretty little yarn cakes! It will sound silly if you are not a crafty person, but when the above skeins start to get about half-way used up, they get flat, sad, and potentially turn into one giant know. Plus it is hard to take one of those blobs from the shelf nicely, and returning it? No way.

Looking at my Flickr pics of the shelf, maybe tying on some variegated yarns will be nice too? I may also incorporate some of Julie’s pattern for a more 3d amigurumi style, check out her pattern here!

Next time? Planning to share the sweet results, and share a pic of my lovely prize from Megan for joining in last time, an adorable handmade coffee cozy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no. 192 - 196

no. 192 - 196
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192 - My frosting top is made with a rainbow of colors (orange, yellow, mint, medium blue, purple) with magenta edging, and my base is a crisp white with a touch of shimmery iridescent thread (Snow Shimmer)!

193 - My frosting top is made with a mint green colored yarn with shimmery white edging (Snow Shimmer), and my cake base is a light pink. I also sport a tiny pink-colored heart button sewn on with pink thread.

194 - My frosting top is made with a deep purple with a purple, pink, and blues mix (BonBonPrint) for my edging, and my cake base is a bright magenta (Shocking Pink). I also sport a cute little magenta heart button sewn on with black thread.

195 - My frosting top is made with a dark orange, and my cake base is a warm brown. I have three heathered-green tendrils than hang down from my top. along with a 4" loop so I can hang out and pretend to be a pumpkin! I also have a cute silver-toned leaf charm purchased from the wonderful seller Nichole de Briun.

196 - I am a little special, and am not currently available for sale! I'm sure we will share when I am and where ;)