Tuesday, June 22, 2010

no. 120-125

Meet another new batch!

no. 120-125

120 - Chocolate Brown over sage green mixed with grey and brown speckles (Green Aran Fleck),

121 - A mixture of pinks, browns, and cream (the last of this yarn I think?) with a Chocolate Brown edging, over Warm Brown,

122 - Pink Camo over Light Pink,

123 - not-so-traditional Rainbow (Dark Orange, Bright Yellow, Mint Green, Medium Blue, Amethyst) with Caron Simply Soft's Grape edging over White,

124 - Chocolate Brown over Bright Pink, and

125 - White with blue beads over Ocean!

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I've shared this week's little collection as part of the I Made It Blog Party at Everything Etsy. This is a fun activity from the folks at Everything Etsy to share the lovely projects folks have created this week. Check out the links for more info - you should join in the fun!


  1. these cupcakes are really cute, but the real reason i'm here is that i just read your craft fail (i never know if i should congratulate people on being on craft fail.. haha.. i can laugh, only because my fail was there last week!). as for the nemo thingie, i'd leave it as is, maybe even bury it in the yard and leave it as an artifact for future archaeologists to ponder the use of such a thing!

  2. Congrats! You Fail! ;) Thanks!

    We rent else I would have probably thrown it in the yard (probably to our dog that we do not yet have). Speaking of dogs, I do have a future fail-to-share of my mother's dog eating one if these cupcakes (well not one of these in particular but a crochet cupcake I made for her), she took a picture mid-destruction; it is too cute to even be mad!