Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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A custom request for a fuzzy brown owl! Bernat's Boa seems to no longer be available in most stores, so I was one step away from ordering online when I found a skein at the Flower & Craft Warehouse in Blue Ball.

I've been using this particular yarn since back when I worked at Ben Franklin Crafts, so I was surprised to have trouble finding it! WalMart (a few locations, some with the expanded craft section that includes fabric), Michael's, AC Moore, Jo-Ann luck. I hope to see it back in stores again, as it makes an awesome owl! I do have some unfinished projects that used it and some similar yarns, I may frog them to make more of these! What do you think?

Update: looks like Bernat is re-releasing Boa in new colors as the above link shows - good to see! I don't really want to buy yarn online....I want to see the colors in person! Although next time I get a custom order and can't find the yarn in stores, I will use the internet to expedite the process and just order online after all!


  1. Is this crocheted? How on earth do you manage that?! I can crochet with almost any novelty yarn, but Bernat Boa is the one and only yarn I had to give up on (luckily I'd only bought one skein of it).

    Kudos to you for making it work! And your owl is very cute, btw :)

  2. Yes to crochet Miss June! I learned a few techniques from you (literally!) about crocheting in the opposite direction for maximum fuzzies on the outside of the piece...but the secret is mixing Boa with another yarn! Here it is Caron Simply Soft, and I have been lucky enough to be able to match up with the Boa colors!

    It looked like Boa was discontinued for a bit, but I think they were just running a redo of their color choices, as I have seen it available again...It also makes awesome scarves mixes with a 4-ply yarn of any brand, and works up quite quickly...Maybe some inspiration for your lonely skein? ;)