Saturday, December 17, 2011

Something different for the shop

Last night I posted something a little different in my Etsy shop, a Pear Critter!

Pear Critter 1
I had made a pattern a few years back for a Pear Bird, and had made the parts for one quite a while ago. He sat as a sad Work-in-Progress (WIP) for a long time – which of course can cause silliness with the parts. I pinned them to his head, and liked the look! After sewing them on, he sat for even longer…

Pear Critter 2  Pear Critter 3

Then finally an outdoor photoshoot! Isn't he photogenic?

Pear Critter 4
I like how somehow I am holding him in the exact same position he is sitting in the indoor shot…looks like that’s where his center of balance lies!

Oh and I have been posting the cupcakes as the are listed on my Facebook Page for Rengawk’s Unusual Wedge. This month has been awesome for sending them all over the world!

As for a little blog organization – I am going to remove the widget for my Google Reader recommendations – they discontinued the program, and now promote you to Share via Google+. Some links I share there, other’s on my personal Facebook page, some on my Etsy Facebook page. I feel like I need to focus – but where do I choose? Isn’t the internet grand. :)

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