Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No. 284-288

April was a busier month for the Etsy shop, so I am trying to help keep the cupcake love going by introducing new cupcakes... and other projects! 

284 - My frosting top is made with a rainbow of colors built into a yarn called Bikini, with a base of bright a happy yellow, and I have pretty little blank eyelashes! 

285 - My frosting top is made with a light shiny pink mixed with Magenta Shimmer, and my edging also showcases the Magenta Shimmer on its own! My base is a light pink.

286 - I sport a bright orange cherry, dark purple frosting with black edging mixed with a shimmery silver, and a bright green base with a special Halloweenie smile! 

287 - My frosting is is made with an baby-print of pastels that has a bit of shimmer, and includes white, mint, light pink, light yellow, and light blue, and my base is a shimmery light blue. 

288 - My frosting is is made with a fun mix of jewel-tone rainbow colors, with teal edging, and a Orchid colored base!

no. 284-288


  1. I want your cupcake pattern.

    These are the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen (and trust me, I've done my research), and I want your pattern.

    I may have to resort to buying one of your cupcakes, just so I can visually dissect it...

    1. Something special in a link if you crochet! Now over the years (and over 300 cupcakes!) I have developed some changes in my technique and hook choice, but the pattern still has the basic parts. ^^

    2. !!!

      I haven't been around to see this until now! Thank you, thank you; it's going to be much fun experimenting with this. (I actually made up my own cupcake pattern after you inspired me, but I still love the edge on your frosting.)

    3. The edging is super simple!

      In first stitch;single, half double, half double, single
      In second stitch; slip stitch
      repeat around!

      If I use a really thin yarn I sometimes add a double-crochet between the two hdc.

      Surprise! Maybe it has to do with your settings on Blogger, do you have an email account associated with your profile?

      I thought by me using the "Reply" function it would email you the comment, but maybe I am the one who needs to look into settings!