Thursday, April 26, 2012

No. 278-281

No one is looking at the camera are they?
The newest numbered cupcakes listed in the Etsy shop  - this group features new techniques and new yarns!
278My frosting top is made with a chocolate brown yarn, swirled with bright pink with a slight metallic shimmer. My base is made with a magenta/pink called Shocking Pink (which is a little difficult to photograph.)
279My frosting top is made with a fun mix of colors (pinks, blues, and purples) called Bon Bon Print, and a teal twisted edging over a base of bright pink.
280My frosting top is made with a fun yarn that is a mix of blue, orange and white, and my base is a bright orange, with a royal blue cherry-berry on top! So who's team am I on; Boise State, University of Florida? Who else can I help you root for?
281My frosting top is made with cotton mix of pastels with a twisted-looking edging, all over a base of creamy vanilla.

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