Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday tidbits

For starters, this post was inspired by my brain reading things incorrectly...

Arizona Herbal Tonic. I was expecting more tea.
See the pic? Totally read it as Xanax ginseng.

Then I doubted they canned the right product when I poured it into a glass; I always feel so odd trying to drink from an 23 ounce sized can. Guess this tonic is more about citrus and less about tea. Still yummy, and was BOGO free at CVS, so that's 46 ounce for 99 cents.

I made a new Pandora station based on Modest Mouse. I blame this post. I would share the station link, but it is currently just Pandora doing its thing and giving me fun stuff, except the 'outrun my gun' song; I find that to be catchy yet disturbing. I also highly recommend making a station based on Cake. It makes a GREAT mix all on its own. Try it! I feel like I am recommending a drink mix; "try it you'll like it!" No wait, cake-flavored vodka is weird, definitely a try-it-somewhere-before you-invest-in-a-bottle kind of flavoring. Totally different Cake we're talking about here.

I changed the title from 'Wednesday sillies' to 'Wednesday niblets.' That sounds kinda gross to me. Lets go with 'Wednesday tidbits' instead. Giblets, riblets, niblets. Yup.
No. 278, without a crazy glowing base.

IT IS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE. So I have the deck door open, and finally got to retake pics for no. 278, which has Red Heart's Shocking Pink as a base, which I can't seem to capture well in artificial light. Looks like Red Heart also had the issue as well with the closeup shot. Look for it soon in the Etsy shop soon. Like right after I post this post soon. The cupcake, not the yarn. The yarn you can get anywhere.

Picked up M&Ms coconut eggs on clearnace on the CVS stop mentioned above; much less oily than their smaller counterpart. Good to not eat a TON of candy at a shot.

Well then, I swear when I sat down to type this there were AT LEAST three funny-assed things that happened in like the past hour that I was all 'OMG I TO BLOG ABOUT THIS' kind of funny. YAY absent-mind-oh-mine. Hopefully I'll be back to add to this!

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