Saturday, July 30, 2011

no. 176 - 180

no. 176 - 180
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176: My frosting top is made with a mix of a medium blue and a rainbow of pastels, with white edging. My care base is made with another medium blue that has a bit of a teal-tint to it named Little Boy Blue. Blue and blue wouldn't be very helpful to say would it?

177: My frosting top is made with a variegated yarn called Primary, so I can say that I AM SUPER UNIQUE. Okay okay we all can say that, but even if I end up re-made, no one will have the precise same color pattern as me. How cool is that? I have a cake base made with a light tan, and a cute hand-cut and sewn embellishment of golden felt.

178: My frosting top is made of Candy Print, a fun mix of pinks and blues, and my cake base is a lovely magenta called Shocking Pink that matches the darkest pink in my top...wonder why the camera hates this great colored yarn? IT IS BECAUSE I AM THAT AWESOME! I even tried to look online to give you an great reference but my color is too shockingly awesome to be captured well by anyone. HA. Not really but everything was a big complicated link, and I hate complicated.

179: My frosting top is made of two types of shiny white yarns, and my base is made with a great mix of deep colors look like shades of berries! Like red grapes; the lovely wine-color that they produce when crushed, or the amazing hues that blackberries will leave on your finger tips when freshly picked.

180: My frosting top is made with a medium gray yarn, and my base is a bright hot pink! I even have a cute button embellishment that almost looks like a flower!

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