Friday, July 1, 2011

I seem to have lost my month…

July already? Where did June go?!

I’ve decided Devil Dogs taste better frozen. Is it that my tastes have changes over the years, or the products have gotten cheaper? I bet YES is the answer to that one – but somehow freezing them doesn’t produce a rock to gnaw on, but something that takes a little longer to eat, and is less sweet.

I bought more yarn! What a shock, but I was being really good about it for a while. I had gotten a skein of Red Heart Shimmer in Snow the other month and while a fine (4-ply but thin) yarn, I love the iridescent thread in it. Last night I picked up skeins of the Shimmer line in Hot Pink, Royal, Purple, and Snow. I also picked up something new that I haven’t seen for a reasonable price before;  Caron Simply Soft Paints in Oceana. No plans for it, but I love Simply Soft, and this is all my favorite colors rolled into one happy soft yarn.

 IMG_2938 IMG_2935

Now, what about that CAL?

Glad you asked! (I know you didn’t but I did so there) I took some photos earlier in the week and didn’t like them, so here are my retakes for the Patriotic Crochet Along!


IMG_2940 IMG_2946

Rather than a set of matching stars, I made a few different styles. My favorites turned out to be the darker shades in what I consider to be “Craft Store Americana”  - in that the Ben Franklin Crafts I used to work at would have HUGE sections of decorating stuff that was supposed to look like it was useful. For instance there were pre-weathered muffin tins that were for decoration only, and stated such all over the pan. Who wants a cast-iron looking pan they can’t use? I know I know, I’m just not the target for full-scale home decorating stuff, especially that gets changed by the season.

Even though the deep red-centered star was the first one I made, I purposely tried other color combinations because hey, what’s the point of a CAL if you don’t try something new? I had a ball of Peaches & Cream in red & white combo that I had gotten for the holidays for a candy-cane themed cupcake, and used it as the second round’s color – this star I had to get used to, as I liked the center round to be more prominent, and in this one it blended so well with the second round’s red. But now that I am blathering about it I see that I do like it much more than I started.

The two brightly colored stars stick out don’t they? I wanted to see in person what using what the pattern’s photo used, and the one with the tan center turned out to be too strange. I tried to add an outer round of white to make it large enough to be able to be sewn around a CD, but it looked tacky and like I made a boring hexagon-shaped crochet thing. I ripped off the extra row and then took the last group shot.

Making two and sewing them together? Just too thick, but would be adorable as a ornament – you would even cut some cardboard and sneak it inside to keep it stiff if you were thinking of a mobile… hey wait, would that be cute, a mobile of these in solid colors? How about in the Red Heart Shimmer yarns I just got? See, always thinking around here.

Of course if you didn’t see the above photos are linked to Flickr, where you can see them in more detail if you would like! What project is next?       

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