Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you toast a marshmallow, and save it for later, does it still taste as awesome?

How to Make Toasted Campfire S’more Pops!

The above link prompted such a question. Pre-cooked marshmallow? Does it being room temperature ruin the effect of a s’more*? Would you be sad if I skipped the apostrophe? Smore smore smore. No, it looks like I can’t type if I skip it.

Besides there anything better than a fire-toasted marshmallow peep?

Oh, you didn’t know? I like peeps.

To eat, and in idea/imagery. That explains why the above link goes to their merchandising site, and not their candy site. You know how people like cows, but not real cows? It’s kinda like that, but I like real peeps too. Maybe not the sugar free ones though, because I don’t like sugar substitutes, but I would like to buy them just to use them as photo props because THEY ARE GIANT AND PEEPS and are single formed so they have no holes from ripping then apart.

I heard the Just Born factory tour in Easton…wait I went to give you a link and don’t they do factory tours anymore? I mean I thought it was like Chocolate World at Hershey where it has nothing to do with the actual factory floor but has a cute ride and crap…what the heck? I know Hershey’s added a bunch of little-one centered activities too, wait, I know, I’m thinking the wrong factory, I was talking about Crayola!

How many years later and I still freakin’ love this clip from Sesame Street, from the music to the colors to the smell of a box of crayons.

Getting’ old. That’s gonna be a new blog tag. Warning, this video smells like crayons. The good ones too.


*Oh I think I'd eat anything that was s’more themed, regardless of temperature.

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