Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water makes me thirsty

Water is making me thirsty.
I am trying to jam a much as I can down my throat in order to feel better – because I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED.
And I was inspired by this post from Crunchy Betty:

Slip It In For Beautiful Skin: Drink Water When You Wake Up

So today is my second day of guzzling extra water, and I am freaking thirsty. Also I had tuna melts for lunch/dinner and water doesn’t fix the after taste. Not that I haven’t been trying to cut my sugar-drink consumption (other half switched to diet and I would rather drink city chlorinated water from the tap than that) anyway, but this has been water only. I may have to mix up some gatorade though, as just rambling about it is making me even more thirsty and I just had a big glass of water.
Yup, blogging about water. I will say it makes you thankful you can have such a thing to complain about, and such an outlet to do so it! So there’s something positive… yup one of those grumpy days around here. 


  1. OMG I hate water! It makes me cringe! It makes me feel better when I drink it though. I went a couple weeks drinking nothing but water and it's amazing how much better I felt and my skin improved. It really is miraculous. I just HATE how it tastes!!

  2. Haha at least I am not alone! Today was Day 4, we even went out to a diner last night and I was so excited that there was LEMON IN MY WATER! I usually hate lemon, and last night it was such a nice change, taste! Hooray for lemony-pulp!