Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patriotic Crochet Along

CAL = Crochet Along, in case you didn’t know. :)
I got this idea from my fellow blogger Jenn of Jenn Likes Yarn…it is a Patriotic-themed CAL! Thanks Jenn!
So Megan of Crochet Every Day is hosting a Crochet Along for starry coasters in which “The goal of this little crochet along is to complete a set of four coasters by July 4, 2011” being broken up into an intro post, and a post showing off your creativity!
Welcome to my intro post! I’ve never done a CAL on my blog, but today installed Live Writer (Sound familiar? A few posts down I was quite excited stating the same thing…but this time we are broadcasting from a more permanent machine) and can share in the crochet fun!   IMG_2913
My colors are based on the classic US flag colors of red white and blue, and include Red Heart Super Saver, Vanna’s Choice, and some stash yarns. My first idea is to use the dark red, heathered white, and navy (which is super soft!) for a country look, and then use the brighter colors on another star and see which I like more. I also may try the dark colors with a beige in place of white just for something different, but I didn’t think of it when I took the photo! Oops, I even have a red and white cotton yarn that completely skipped my mind – I may sneak that in too!
Now I will admit, between taking the picture and sitting down to type, I did make one already, and they stitch up quite quickly! I may make them double-sided, or add a row and use my “CROCHET OVER TRASH CDs” obsession as of late to make a different type of coaster than the flower pattern I have been using. (hint hint to me, that needs a post of its own).
Oh and welcome Summer! I am not a fan of being warm but this weekend for Father’s Day I took a drive to see my dad and got burned on my driving arm for trying to be frugal and not run the air and enjoy the breeze. Luckily I gave it enough care that it seems to have healed into a tan that may even not peel! 
So the plan is to be back showing my finished stars, but first, I’m going over to Crochet Every Day to post my link. Do you crochet? You should join!      

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