Sunday, June 26, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Crap, can’t remember, was that from SNL?

So why is my deodorant made in Mexico? Oh well I had an argument about that but then when I went to type it I was like…”Oh, well, why not?”

I made these again (almond), and they still taste burnt. I guess I should try it next time in a pan like the recipe says, rather than a pot…hey I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want teeny tiny candy splatters everywhere! Wait, I looked at the original post and those don’t have skins, and both times my nuts had skins. Maybe that is what is burning. My nuts. Crap here comes the link. Thanks Vince. (and crap there were too many to choose from)

Still Thirsty.

Am I blogging? Like a normal blogger? With updates that aren’t months apart? I blame Regretsy. *waves and hollers* HI MY NEW FRIENDS!

Yes my blog readership has doubled. I blame Jackie. But if I typed Jackie-O, everyone else reading would assume I meant something totally different. And my blame I meant YAY.

I think this updates was inspired by The Blogess. She makes things awesome though, so it is all good.

WHY IS THERE NO FOOD IN FRONT OF ME. Well shit that one is my own fault, I forgot to do something other than take the lid off and leave it on the counter.

That was the hungry voice.

This was supposed to be left open and filled in throughout the day, but it kept flowing, so we’re going to go with it.

I feel simultaneously smart and idiotic. NO no, in this moment I mean, different than that feeling throughout the day. I just found that what blogger calls tags, LiveWriter calls Categories and THERE IS A BAR RIGHT IN THS FRAME for me to edit them. Fail in paying attention.


  1. WOO HOO Regretsy!

    Love the video! SLAP my nuts! lol