Saturday, March 31, 2012


Spring has Sprung
Hiya there! So I keep wanting to blog, but then get stuck at the part of actually compiling my thoughts into the keyboard; I have to learn to just got for it!

So my plan for the immediate future to share... some fun food stories, a new Recipe Roundup group of links, lots of crochet projects (from the holidays even!), and even a funny Blogger story!

Here, we can start with the last one since it was the most recent, just happening yesterday...and here is a picture of a daffodil I took earlier this month to add some Springy inspiration to this rainy day!

So I had noticed the other week that my cute little Flickr gadget to the right was no longer working; I assumed it was temporary and gave it a few days to fix itself. It didn't! I took some time last night to research and it seems it isn't my blog, but the gadget itself! Blogger has a cute little interface for choosing what you want on your side/top and bottom bars, but the particular one I had been choosing no longer functions. I love Flickr, but finding what I needed in regards to HELP was giving me some trouble; was I just being silly and not seeing where to type your question? Probably, so I simply pasted the error message into Google; "Flickr Error: Invalid API Key (Key has expired)". After digging a bunch it seemed the answer was clear, yet not simple to find? Maybe I was tired, maybe I wasn't paying the best attention, but the answer is to make a Flickr Badge, and not use the gadget Blogger lists by Blogger Buster.

Fixed the problem, but I did like the style and layout of the old one better. The flash Flickr Badge is cute, but too small for my current blog layout (or am I lucky and have a nice big screen and it looks awesome on a non-widescreen?) I chose with the html badge, but I do wish there was a size between the thumbnail and mid-sizes graphics. After what seemed like hours of fussing, I went back to the thumbnail since I couldn't get the mid-sized graphics to line up within the right column without sticking out.

That's what happens when you aren't writing your own layout in notepad with basic html! Haha that was me in the late 90s with my silly Angelfire sites. With all the lovely css' out there for free today, it is so easy to use a pre-made layout; but difficult knowing that every little thing is customizeable, and you don't have the knowledge to do so!

In other frustrating blog things, I thought my Etsy-mini bar at the bottom wasn't working. Finding the answer to that ws much simpler; Ad-Blocker Plus was blocking me from viewing it - so nothing was actually wrong! It was an easy fix to not block ads from my own blog. Can't be annoyed with that one, it is an ad after all. :)

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