Thursday, March 22, 2012


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New baby gets the new blanket? Na, mom does, but I bet she will share ;)

About an inch per row, how many do you think I should add before it is ready?

The original blanket was a wavy-granny, which I loved, but I wanted a lavender to go with the purple that isn't orchid (seriously, those are called Orchid and Light Orchid) and sat waiting to find the right yarn. Additionally I didn't like how the starting row was (way too loose I think) so I started a traditional granny square blanket.

Decided to frog the other blanket so I didn't keep staring at it; that helped, and I used the yarn in this project!

So what size is nice to share with a new mom and her little one? I know Spring has sprung, but the nights are still chilly!

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