Friday, March 16, 2012


Lets play a little good idea/bad idea!

When making pizza at home for the first time...

Good idea; Taking time to roll out the dough on a floured counter top for a nice, even shape.
Bad Idea; trying to roll the dough with the rolling pin while on the pan which has a lip.

Good idea; using the lip of the pan to help hold the dough to the edges, no shrinkage!
Bad idea; not closely monitoring how far over that dough is going, and allowing it to cook around the lip into an inedible pan-man shape.

Good idea; Pre-shredded mozzarella cheese, on sale.
Bad idea; two bags are unnecessary.

Good idea; chopping your own ham from the fridge.
Bad idea; not adding enough ham to balance with the cheese (boo!)

Good idea; adding fresh onion in super-thin slivers to only one half to meet both diner's needs.
Bad idea; finding out the second party likes them on there sliced super-duper thin, and now they're only one one side.

Good ideas in general (no sillies this time): getting pre-made dough from the grocery store to save time and energy, jarred sauce that has the more "authentic" looking label (tasted great, sorry Ragu your lost out to old-world Italian looking font, colors, and images) [not to self, write down the brand], feel free to use the whole jar, the whole-wheat dough tasted great so stick with it.

Other ideas for the future - what does it take to diy pizza dough? Too much planning? Is it easier to get the stuff Giant makes fresh for two bucks rather than make your own the night before? What other home toppings would be great that are easy for us to work with (meaning we normally buy) besides ham, pineapple, ground turkey with taco seasoning, taco-seasoned cheese, etc.?

I'd say a success, and the other pieces should reheat well in the oven. Cheaper than ordering out, even though it was home-assembled from store-bought components.

Other grocery/food success this week? Found teeny pre-made steak-burgers on manager's special - we don't eat red meat too often so getting a taste of a burger was like OM NOM NOM. I took them and some scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and made breakfast burritos. AWESOME TASTING. Cabbage was $.25/lb for St. Patrick's Day, so I got one even though I made halushki last week. Heard from a coworker about making cabbage with mashed potatoes and bacon; wonder if I can crumble a steak burger in rather than bacon? Still sounds good, to me at least!

What have you been enjoying cooking or eating?

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